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Used Vintage Gear at The Mix Palace for sale... call for prices

3 Studer A820 24 rebuilt..............................................

1 EMT140 plate with stereo amplifier
EMT251/250  w/250 prom
6 PCM42's
Neve metal knob stereo
Neve mono metal knob.

1 Focusrite Red 3 OLD transformer version recapped in 2014


2 Urei Bluestripe vintage rev b


1 Urei Bluestripe  Rev A 


1 Radar 24 

Pultec EQP1A
Pultec EQP1A3
Pultec MIdrange
1 Vac Rac
4 La3a
2 manley eqp1a
2 Neve 2254E
4 Neve 32264a
2 Urei Bluestripe REV B

3 Adcom GA555 amplifiers

1 Apogee Rossetta 2 channel 


50 Jensen direct box transformers, the good ones

2 Urei 1176 rev D


2 brystons 4B's

24 SSL E and G modules


1 SSL E series center section


Lots of spare SSL E series and G series parts including center section cards


200  feet 24 pair of Mogami wire 24 pair


100 feet of Gepco 24 pair wire


Spare SSL E series power supply


18 Sound 2 ohm 18" subwoofer brand new



2 Kinoshita/JMF HSQ4200 AMAZING power amps fully rebuilt by Shozo Kinoshita 2016.


All gear is fully maintained and refurbished, Call for prices and trades are possible

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